• General description

    Recent years have seen a significant rise in the number of cores that can be integrated in the same chip multiprocessor. However, before this trend translates into effective parallel performance improvement, the research community has to address several underlying challenges. Providing efficient and scalable inter-core and core-to-memory communication is regarded as one of the most important challenges since communication is becoming the main performance, power and area constraints of many-core designs. On the one hand, research in Network-on-chip (NoC) and emerging interconnect technologies is showing outstanding results towards alleviating such issue. On the other hand, a less explored research avenue, addressed in this workshop, is to design and develop many-core architectures that will take advantage of the unique communication capabilities that these new interconnect fabrics could offer, potentially leading to highly scalable multicore computers. This workshop aims to capture the state-of-the-art, engage the community and prospect a long-term vision of this field, which bridges the disciplines of computer architecture and on-chip communication networks, by soliciting original and novel cutting-edge contributions in areas including, but not limited to:

    - NoC-aware many-core architecture techniques: cache coherence, memory consistency and synchronization protocols

    - Efficient algorithms for taking advantage of new NoCs. Parallel programming models, application mapping, compiler technologies and OSs

    - Enhanced Memory Systems Architectures enabled by NoCs

    - Novel Network Techniques and Architectures for Network-on-Chip: broadcast and multicast support, novel topologies for 3D-NoC, photonic NoC network architectures and router design

    - Analytical Models: instruction performance of specific applications; performance of cache coherence, consistency or synchronization protocols; area, power and throughput of memory systems and of network architectures

    - Communication advancements in Emerging Interconnect Technologies for NoC, including optical and wireless

    - Simulation software and tools: transversal simulators; many-core analysis and design tools; memory system performance simulators